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"Sunday School" Wine Class: Natural Wine

Many of you have been asking us to schedule some more wine classes. We have heard your plea. The thing is, we have been unable to find the time ourselves to teach. Enter Martin & Mallory, the talented and funny people behind Sunday School.

They are friends and colleagues in the wine business, whose approach to wine is in line with our philosophy--wine should be fun, approachable & affordable, mainly a drink for the table with everyday meals.

Martin & Mallory host their informal and inclusive pop up wine classes all around town and seek to educate and entertain while building and encouraging community. They proposed to hold a class at Mom & Pop. We thought that would be perfect. Problem Solved!

They will be teaching a class on Sunday, October 28 from 2:30-4pm called:

Natural Wine: Naked, Pure and Thoroughly Contentious

“Come with us on a journey through the world of natural wines, a place that is home to some of the most exhilarating wines around – as well as a whole heap of controversy. We’ll take a trip down this bumpy road, exploring hot topics like: What is a natural wine? Is it the same thing as organic? What about the mysterious and, at times, bizarre world of biodynamic viticulture? Does burying a dung-filled cow skull in the ground really improve the soil (and wine)?

We’ll see why some dismiss natural wine producers as charlatans, willfully breaking rules to sell the equivalent of snake oil. And why others champion them as creating the simplest and purest expression of what a wine can be. We'll let you decide for yourself…”

To purchase your ticket ($40) for a seat at the table, visit